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Embrace Operational Connectivity With IoT Development

Business connectivity and networking boost innovation, and communication, and ensure transparency. Experience the interconnectedness within the business through sensor-based devices and derive insights from data shared through wireless networks. With the help of our result-oriented and data-driven customer IoT Solutions offered by us, enhance the digital ability of your business to reign high. Avail of IoT development services to create end-to-end software solutions that help connect your hardware systems and devices with convenience. No matter, if you are a startup, medium, to a large-scale enterprise, rely on the connected approach of gathering useful information from manifold operational devices and gathering the relevant data to enrich your further operational strategy.

For many years, we at Akoode, have been assisting companies of all sizes and verticals to embrace the power of digitization & technical enhancements. Offering quality services as a leading IoT development company in Gurgaon, we cater to the requirements of enterprises dispersed all across the nation. With a smart team of IoT developers, engineers, software testers, and more, we offer you high-business-value solutions to embrace the interconnected digital ecosystem. Develop an IoT App or extend the existing one to leverage the power of data distribution from devices. And that ultimately helps to gather actionable insights and take necessary actions to boost your enterprise revenue ahead. Simply, get started with IoT development and analyze data for the betterment of your organization and stay on a competitive spree.

Develop Innovative & Technically Superior IoT Solutions

Rely on the top-notch and business-specific diverse range of IoT development services that we offer. Enhance operational efficiency, bring scalability, and agility with different services, and become part of a profitable IoT space.

IoT Application Development

Develop a feature-rich and UI-friendly IoT mobile app that ensures an enhanced level of user experience. Fulfill the business purpose of analyzing the performance and data of connected devices through custom-made apps and make your decision-making strong. As per the business requirement, develop web, hybrid, PWA, or any particular application for a selected choice of the operating system. Here, our innovative team of IoT app developers will help you avail of the best solution meeting your enterprise-level objective. Moreover, we help you implement the predictive analysis and insightful gathering capabilities of AI and ML technologies to ensure your app is smarter, fast, and more innovative.

Wearable App Development

In this interconnected world of new wearable devices, prosper in business capabilities by understanding the performance of each device with a specific IoT app. Here, we provide you end-to-end IoT-based wearable app development service that helps you gather useful infights from smart apps, fitness trackers, health trackers, wearable glasses, AR/VR devices, gaming headsets, and more. Build such futuristics and data-oriented applications to know the real-time usage of manifold devices and further enrich the performance. Additionally, we provide complete maintenance and regular upgradation of wearable apps to ensure long-lasting performance ahead.

IoT Architecture Development

Create a robust IoT architecture that helps connected all the physical and real-world business devices and become a single source to conduct the processing of data. With the help of a feature-rich IoT architecture, you will find a seamless way for data coming from the real-end devices reaches smoothly toward the analytics prowess. Create a smooth yet strong architecture with the help of our specialized IoT development team. And rely on our experts to create a fully customized and easy-to-understand architecture to fulfill your diverse business requirements.

IoT Platform Integration

Data-driven devices dispersed across different business departments will fail to achieve the objective, if not integrated well within the IoT ecosystem. For this purpose, integrate the capabilities of all connected devices and rest assured about the performance. Working as a trusted IoT development company in India, we provide you full source integration assistance with your existing infrastructure and ensure devices work well as per the expected capabilities. Here, we help you with integration that ultimately benefits in terms of maximizing the value of your manifold devices and improving the overall operational process.

Voice-Enabled Tech Development

Enhance the way your customers search for your products and services online via business apps. Enable the profitable virtues of voice-enabled technology with the help of our IoT experts. We help you integrate the functionalities of voice recognition in close integration with necessary technologies like Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Networks. With the help of out IoT development team, develop voice research capability to improve the overall customer experience, and search pattern, and further increase the retention rate.

IoT Gateway Development

Every device with a different configuration, OS, bandwidth, security protocols, and features require a proper gateway for integration purpose. Concerning the same, we provide you with full-scale gateway development for the inclusion of IoT-enabled devices for different kids dispersed across different departments of your organization. This gateway not only helps integrate the existing devices but also includes the new ones while allowing your business to stay competitive and interconnected. Discuss your gateway-specific requirements with our IoT experts and develop the same in a hassle-free manner.

User Experience for IoT

Gathering user-specific data is an integral part of the interconnected digital ecosystem. Find real-time user feedback to make necessary alterations in your service offering and device usage. To enable the same, we help you build an intuitive user experience in IoT devices that helps gather useful insights from users and obtain data to make necessary changes. A better understanding of the user requirements and issues to offer better services ahead.

IoT Data Analytics

Become more data-oriented in business to take important and profitable decisions ahead. Under the IoT landscape, embrace the virtues of data-analytics support to analyze the performance of each sensor-based device, and know about the performance, and current issues. Simply obtain data from multiple device sources within the business to detect the trends, and problems, and find ways to enhance the overall performance.

A Diverse Range of IoT Solutions that We Offer

We have been catering to the diverse requirements of industries to develop intuitive and scalable IoT Solutions. With hands-on technology, our IoT developer builds digitally transformative and result-oriented solutions of different kinds.

  • Smart Homes: We have been making cities go smart with the inclusion of smart homes and interconnected devices with the help of full-scale Internet of Things technology. Here, we integrate the capabilities of Machine Learning algorithms and several training modules for the automated usage of smart home devices along with voice commands and a sensor-driven approach. With this, we enable the smart home space along with improving functional efficiencies.
  • Healthcare Devices: The healthcare industry is not left untouched by the benefits of IoT solutions offered by us. For the improvement of healthcare facilities, patient care, diagnostics, and optimal usage of equipment, we devise smart apps and web systems. It helps connect patients, and medical professionals, track & monitor health, and integrate additional functions to improve the overall process.
  • Industrial IoT: Here, we help industries of diverse scale to fully adapt IoT development services and help improve service offerings, operations, and safety. We build IoT tools and apps for the industrial sector with the virtues of predictive analysis to ensure on-time maintenance, repair, and replacement of machines and equipment. Not only this, diverse IoT solutions help monitor operations, and usability, enhance worker safety, and more.
  • IoT for Retail: Create an immersive shopping experience at the retail store for customers to find better products, personalized recommendations, and improve service offerings. By adding the virtues of IoT in retail sector devices, create a smart store shopping experience by gathering customer’s data, previous shopping preferences, and patterns to sell more. Further, optimum the overall supply chain and inventory management models in the retail sector.
  • IoT for Automotive: Improve driving safety, and vehicle’s running performance, and lower the maintenance cost with timely repair by implementing state-of-the-art IoT technology. Add location tracking, engine performance indicator, and other data-driven solutions powered by IoT technology to know more about the vehicle and its running condition. Increase the driving efficiency along with reducing the cost to an extensive level.
  • Device Management: With device management assistance, we help enterprises running at different levels to improve the intricacies of their digital devices and assets. For making a smart infrastructure, we create smart apps for devices for you to better control, remotely manage, ensure updates, add security, and harness the power of data to its full potential.

IoT Application Tools & Tech Stack

Choose the right technology in collaboration with success-driven tools and the necessary tech stack from our extensive list of options. And best implemented by our professional IoT experts.

  • Programming Language: Python, C/C++, Ruby, and Javascript.
  • Frameworks: IoT.Js, Node.Js, AngularJS, and Device.js.
  • Platforms: Amazon Web Service IoT, Google Cloud IoT, openHAB, & Microsoft Azure IoT.
  • Hardware: Raspberry PI, Arduino, FPGA controllers, and Google TPU.
  • Sensors: 1-Wire, ADC, Analog, and RF433.
  • Protocols: Wi-Fi, MQTT, AMQP, and 2G/3G/4G/LTE/5G.
IoT Application Tools & Tech Stack
IoT Development

Why Choose Us for End-to-End IoT Development?

Enable business excellence with the help of Internet of Things technology and its protocols with the help of a leading IoT development company in Gurgaon. We work in collaboration to ensure your business success and make a key difference altogether.

  • Team of Certified Professionals: We have a team of professionals who are well-versed in IoT technology, its virtues, and deep insights to help enterprises at all levels to adopt this technology and utilize it to its full potential.
  • Years of IoT Expertise: We have been assisting organizations to embrace digitization and result-oriented technologies. Even for years, we have been offering success-driven IoT solutions to a diverse range of industries.
  • Agile & Flexible Models: Here, we follow the agile methodology while implementing IoT solutions while meeting your business requirements. Moreover, we are flexible in our approach to offer you fully customized development offerings.
  • Optimum Level of Security: Maintaining device and software security is one of our key objectives which does not compromise at all. We follow industry-based practices to save your interconnected ecosystem and prevent any kind of data leakage.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous benefits that you will experience while outsourcing the project of IoT application development. First, the expert outcome of the application developed by industry-level professionals in the shortest turnaround time and keeping the trends in check. In addition to this, ensure optimum agility, development quality, the aid of seasoned development experts, and transparent communication.

Well, the time frame depends on your business requirement and the type of software you would like to build with a specific set of features. For this purpose, we first understand your requirements and provide a strategic blueprint to showcase an expected development timeline.

Yes, hire an IoT developers from us and let them work according to your business requirements and timeline. Here, we offer you complete support in developing the application as per your need and work according to your standards.

Yes, it is required on your part to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that includes all the details about your IoT development project. After having a thorough business understanding from your side and creating a rough blueprint of the project, we will share the NDA and allow you read and understand each key term carefully before signing.

Are you looking for experienced IoT experts to create an interconnected business ecosystem? If yes, then hire from us.

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