Machine learning

Akoode’s Machine Learning algorithm is flexible and versatile. We don’t miss out any detail. We focus on deep learning so that our AI is as advanced as an actual human brain, but faster.

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Natural language processing

Akoode develops intuitive NLP tools for all kinds of functions in an enterprise. With a zero margin of error in NLP, we make your job easy. Combined with our advanced machine learning, we make sure every natural language input is interpret accurately.

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Artificial general intelligence

Akoode works towards incorporating AGI in its Artificial Intelligence services. Our aim is to offer a virtual assistant that is no less than an intelligent human being. With deep learning and recurring tests we will bring the future of AI to you.

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Bayesian networks

Achieve accurate probability calculations for all your big decisions with our futuristic Bayesian interference. Gauge the correlation between all variables, dependent and independent. Stay ahead of the game with our Bayesian predictions.

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Knowledge reasoning

Akoode updates its information pool with every new knowledge representation pathway found. The AI systems are always up-to-date with knowledge representation and reasoning. This is how we avoid glitches in our systems.

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