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Create feature-rich, secure, & decentralized systems to safeguard transaction data with the help of a leading blockchain development company.

  • Build highly functional blockchain solutions from the scratch.
  • Rely on professional blockchain developers.
  • Leverage the capabilities of high-tech blockchain platforms.
  • Experience transparent & seamless development services.
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Securing Business Transactions & Processes with Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain technology is booming across a distinctive line of industries to secure every single financial transaction & decentralizing assets. Meeting the demands of small, medium, to large-scale enterprises, blockchain has the potential to meet the demands of users and customers at large. With the real-time assistance of our Blockchain development services, build solutions that are transparent, traceable, secure, and fully decentralized.

We at Akoode are a reliable and leading blockchain development company in India, catering to the wide requirements of enterprises. Here, we help businesses of distinctive scale to adopt the virtues of Blockchain technology and best secure their financial transactions and secure data in distributed ledger system. For years, we have proven to be a dedicated and trusted Blockchain development company offering widespread solutions to businesses. Backed by a professional team of specific blockchain developers, designers, management professionals, and stakeholders ensure end-to-end solutions at a low cost. Also, rely on our extensive sets of blockchain tools and platforms to enable a decentralized system for your organization.

Simply adopt result-oriented, inter-connected, and transparent blockchain solutions within the enterprise to ensure smooth and secure transactional benefits. Rely on our blockchain development services to build a fully customized solution along with ensuring post-deployment maintenance. Thus, discuss your requirements with us to strategically implement blockchain solutions with ease.

List of Blockchain Development Services That We Offer

We offer you tailor-made blockchain development services to meet your diverse enterprise-level requirements.

Enterprise Blockchain Development

We offer you fully customized enterprise-level application development services as per cutting-edge technology.

Apps Development

Creating decentralized apps better known as dApps for your company by following an end-to-end planning, designing, coding, and relevant process.

Blockchain Protocol Development

Create blockchain base protocols for the complete safety of your identification & payment-related data.

Smart Contracts Development

Automate the execution of contracts with our development services and ensure the collaboration of multiple businesses

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Hold numerous cryptocurrencies safely inside the secure cryptocurrency wallet developed by us and meeping your information fully protected.

NFT Marketplace

Create a transparent, feature-enriched, and user-friendly NFT marketplace facility for implementing tasks like selling, buying, bidding, and more.

Know The Key Benefits of Blockchain Development

Blockchain technology has numerous benefits for your organization not just for securing, prioritizing, and managing transactional operations.

  • Protect Financial Transactions: One of the significant benefits of implementing blockchain solutions is securing your enterprise-level financial transactions. With this technology in hand, there is no such need to rely on intermediaries and middlemen to secure your fiscal information. Moreover, all the financial transactions are recorded in the secured Blockchain networks in the form of blocks.
  • Prevent Contract Frauds: Create a smart contract for enterprises with the help of blockchain technology to eliminate the need for third parties. It is beneficial to create a secure and verified contract that enables tamper-proof & irreversible information. Here, we help you implement this technology for the successful creation of smart contracts to meet the widespread requirement.
  • Enable Cloud Storage: Another significant advantage of blockchain for your business is saving extended data on the Cloud. The information is securely stored on the Cloud as digital assets of your company instead of relying on an internal server and the database system. By using a private key, get access to your financial data on Blockchain storage and ensure the information is fully encrypted.
  • Manage Digital Identities: Blockchain has been considered an integral fraud protection measure, specifically for managing the digital identities of resources. The technology is beneficial in terms of authenticating the digital identities of your members and preventing the inclusion of untrusted individuals within the business ecosystem.
  • Ensure Supply Chain Management: Specifically in the supply chain management domain, blockchain is helpful in maintaining the seamless movement of goods. It is possible by simplifying the transaction operations with data being saved at a decentralized place. And it further helps in reducing the overall business cost to an optimum extent.
  • Improve Operational Transparency: Blockchain application development ensures data transparency to an optimum level. It helps record each transaction and the steps involved in the same to verify, track, and secure information at later stages.

Different Types of Blockchain Solutions That We Offer

Providing you with end-to-end solutions as one of the top-notch Blockchain development companies in Gurgaon and offering services across the country. We develop fully customized solutions for different industries right from scratch and even extend the existing systems with top-rated features.

  • Custom Blockchain Solutions for Finance: Here, we help the different verticals of the Banking and Finance sector to develop fully customized Blockchain solutions for securing payments and transactions. For instance, we develop a high-speed running trading platform, loan processing platforms, risk management solutions, lending sites, and other platforms for processing payments, offering financial assistance, money transfer, and more.
  • Custom Blockchain Solutions for Retail: One of the leading sectors in the business ecosystem is certainly the retail industry. To ensure the seamless transfer of payments, enhance data capabilities and authenticate orders and users, we develop customized retail sector-based blockchain solutions to meet widespread requirements.
  • Customized Blockchain Solutions for Supply Chain: We fully help the supply chain sector to streamline the overall process of delivery, payments, authentication, etc. Here, we help you to create safe blockchain solutions to reduce operational expenses, digitize payments, authenticate identities, prevent fraud, detect counterfeiting, digitize documentation, and the list goes on.
  • Fully Custom Blockchain Solutions for Healthcare: Even the healthcare ecosystem relies on result-oriented blockchain technology to enhance operations and patients. With the growing virtues of blockchain, the healthcare sector will become responsible for securing patient data, maintaining safe health records, increasing quality care, and enabling new business models with ease.
  • Blockchain Solutions for Real Estate Sector: At Akoode, we even assist the real-estate sector in ensuring hassle-free operations along with the safe accumulation of payment data, ownership details, and more. We are here to create a fully functional blockchain solution for the sector to keep owners' identities secure, and data fully encrypted, trace & protect property transfer information, and more.
  • Custom Gaming Blockchain Solutions: We also help the digital gaming sector with our blockchain development services to secure and verify digital assets, and tokenized assets, safeguard player history, and other relevant details.
Different Types of Blockchain Solutions
Blockchain App Development Process

Our Blockchain App Development Process

Our experienced and skill-oriented team of blockchain developers follows a strategic process to develop a fully customized solution for your enterprise.

  • Blockchain Consulting: At first, we understand your business requirement and see the potential benefit of implementing blockchain into your existing systems or developing from scratch. Based on the extensive market research and project feasibility, we offer you the best solution to adapt at a low cost.
  • Technical Designing: After understanding your requirement, we start working on the initial level of technical designing which is more like a blueprint of your project. It is best prepared by a team of experts while keeping high-level user experience in mind.
  • Enterprise Blockchain Development: Soon after the technical design, we start implementing the application development part. We create a secure application meeting the business purpose that is sure to provide you with maximum ROI.
  • Final Deployment: Finally, we deploy the well-developed and strategically created blockchain application or platform after performing end-to-end testing. We help you deploy the application within the strategic timeline while making no further delay.
  • Regular Maintenance: We not only develop a high-end blockchain application but also monitor and maintain the same at regular intervals. Our role does not end here because keeping your app running seamlessly is also our service objective.
  • Timely Migration & Updates: We provide you with complete migration support in switching the existing application to a blockchain one. Not only this, we help you upgrade the system as per the current security protocols and compliance.

Blockchain Development Platforms That We Rely Upon

  • Hyperledger
  • Ethereum
  • Corda
  • Avalanche
  • Polkadot
  • Substrate
  • Hedera
  • NEAR Protocol
  • Tezos
Blockchain Development Platforms
Hire A Blockchain Developer to Develop Fully Customized Solutions

Hire A Blockchain Developer to Develop Fully Customized Solutions for Business.

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Industries That We Serve

As a blockchain development company in Gurgaon and providing our services all across India, we meet the requirements of a wide range of industries. Here, we have transformed the enterprise operations of several industrial sectors with our blockchain development services.

  • Travel & Tourism: Our decentralized blockchain development solutions have helped distinctive businesses belonging to the travel & hospitality sector to flourish. With our solutions, the industry has witnessed the seamless experience of luggage tracking systems, payment platforms, customer loyalty schemes, and more.
  • Healthcare: Even the healthcare sector completely relied on our blockchain development solutions for the collection and security of crucial data. We have developed strategic solutions to keep patients, hospitals, research, and other medical information completely safe.
  • Retail: For the retail sector, data and its security play an integral role in generating trust factor among customers. To cater to this sector, we have developed specialized solutions to gather the required customer information, execute fast & secure payments, and authenticate products at a large scale.
  • Finance & Payments For the finance & payment enterprises, we have specially developed applications and software for decentralized data gathering points. Also, we have helped the sector to eliminate the chances of information fraud by keeping financial data safe.
  • Supply Chain: Rely on the supply chain applications based on blockchain technology to handle the entire lifecycle of data covering departments like production, warehouse, logistics, and more. We offer solutions that have completely disrupted several supply chain management companies.
  • Education & Learning: To maintain the efficiency of schools, colleges, universities, and other educational entities, we offer 360-degree blockchain app development solutions. Concerning the sale, we cater to different functionalities like tracking students' credentials, processing fees, verifying identities, and more.
  • Entertainment: Even the entertainment sector is not left untouched by the result-driven virtues of blockchain technology. Here, we have helped numerous entertainment companies to embrace blockchain solutions for securing the identities of users, authenticating information, tracking files, etc.
  • Legal: To ensure the secure operational success of the legal service sector, we offer our solutions and help enterprises develop smart contracts. Not only this, we help this industry to resolve disputes, notarize documents safely, record bookkeeping, and more.
  • Real-Estate: As a leading blockchain development company in India, we do understand the requirement of the real-estate sector to safeguard buyers' and sellers' crucial information. Regarding the same, we offer our feature-rich and decentralized apps to protect the payment, owners, and other crucial information.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost entirely depends on your business requirement and the type of application you like to develop from us. Based on these two crucial factors, we will provide you a complete price estimation that is lower than other partners.

You should invest in blockchain solutions for the complete security and storage of business-related financial data, transactional history, and other relevant information.

Just like the cost, even the time to develop your application entirely depends on the requirement along with the range of features, functionalities, and other key factors.