Big data solutions
changing the way you work

The future of your business depends on the data and analytics capabilities you build and scale. Explore the big data infrastructure that support new opportunities, cost savings and transformation.

Big Data Solutions

Akoode enables the gathering of data from all over the internet and offline databases including web feeds, flat lines, cloud storage, and literally every place that offers data. You can customize your analytical parameters and prioritize your reports based on your goals.

Akoode’s Big Data platform offers automatic data synchronization and scheduling. It also offers a wide range of visualizations and seamless interactive responses for convenient editing and sharing.

Bring Big Data to Your Business

You can employ a broad spectrum of data in the form of charts, pivot tables, KPI widgets, and more. Our Big Data experts will help you make use of this powerful platform for intrinsic analytical components for your business. Talking about analytics, Akoode makes it very user-friendly. You can access the entire database to obtain insightful key to your business.

You can create, modify, and share reports with your business team.

Akoode guarantees security with a strong encryption process.

Create highly visual and interactive reports for your dashboard without any core tech experience.

You can embed reports and custom dashboards across various websites, apps, and blogs for maximum visibility.