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E-commerce, often known as electronic commerce, is the exchange of goods and services and sending money and data through an electronic network, most commonly the internet. These businesses run online are also similar to that of an offline business which can be either business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or customer-to-business. E-business and e-commerce are frequently used interchangeably. The transactional procedures that make up online retail shopping are also occasionally referred to as e-tail. Today the most popular e-commerce websites are Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Walmart, etc. The usage of these websites over the past 20 years has considerably accelerated the development of online retail.

What are the different types of E-commerce?

Depending on your tastes, available funds, and online business style, you can choose from various eCommerce business possibilities.

  • Google AdWords marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online auction selling
  • Web market
  • B2B enterprises
  • B2C companies


How does E-commerce work?

The basic operating principles of offline/retail stores and online businesses are very similar. The entire eCommerce process can be divided into three major parts or labor processes on a larger scale:

  1. Getting the orders- The first process is receiving orders on your e-commerce websites.
  2. Getting Information processing for orders-The following process is the collection of information for processing the order, like the details of payments and delivery.
  3. Shipping- The final step is shipping to the location where the order was made or to the location mentioned.

What are the advantages of E-commerce?

  1. E-commerce gives vendors access to a worldwide market.
  2. The cost of transactions will be significantly reduced through electronic commerce.
  3. With little work on the consumer side, it offers speedy delivery of items.
  4. Customer problems can be resolved rapidly through e-commerce
  5. It saves time, effort, and resources for the company’s customers.
  6. The convenience it provides is another excellent benefit.
  7. The website is accessible 24/7 and does not keep regular business hours like a shop.
  8. Electronic commerce enables direct communication between the customer and the firm without needing mediators.


Ecommerce refers to businesses and individuals purchasing and reselling goods and services online. E-commerce can be done on computers, tablets, cellphones, and other intelligent devices and operates in various market categories. E-commerce transactions make almost every good or service accessible, including books, music, airline tickets, and financial services like stock trading and online banking.


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