React Native App Developement

Native Apps for All Platforms

Akoode provides native app solution for all platforms. Each app is developed with a unique design language in mind.

Exclusive Skill-set

Native apps are very different from regular mobile or website apps. Hence, our native apps development team is dedicated to this sector. Our exclusive native apps development team ensures browser compatibility and smooth platform shifts.


Native apps have to be written in a very platform-specific language. Our experts are well-versed in Java, Objective-C, and Swift. They ensure that users can easily access the inbuilt features of the smartphones with the most user-friendly native app language.

Dedicated Teams

We don’t only have an exclusive team for native app development. We also have separate teams for Android and iOS native app development. They are also experts in command line tools for all three major platforms, Windows, Linux, and Mac. Our native app developers have all the skills but specialize in their exclusive sectors.

For Android

Our Android native app development team are experts in handling the Android SDK with Android Studio. They are well-versed in Firebase and Android Jetpack.

We also make full use of third-party solutions with full responsibility for security and performance quality. Of course, our programmers are experts in Google’s in-house tools.

For iOS

Akoode has an extensive security protocol for all Mac devices for iOS native app development. The programmers are experts in Objective-C and Swift. They are also experts in iOS SDK and Cocoa Touch UI framework, XCode, Swift Playgrounds, and TestFlight. The entire team is fit for every function from inception to delivery and after-sales. They also specialize in CodeRunner and AppCode for third-party interactions.

Protocol Follow-through

Our developers make sure every software follows all protocol and Google Play and App Store guidelines. We make sure our apps are not recalled or rejected by default. We offer quick service by following a strict code that prevents such obstacles.


We use all advanced resources to equip our skilled app developers. We build apps from scratch with native app frameworks. We build native components for all platforms.

Problem Handling

We offer tight end-user monitoring features for the best user experience. We use the most intricate diagnostic tools to get into each detail. We follow-up on user experience and classify errors according to OS, app versions, device, and more. We monitor all third-party API and track launch time, data consumption, and UI response time. We fix all these issues to give the end user the best app experience.

Akoode is Your Friend for Life

With our smooth functioning apps and regular monitoring, we ensure that the user experience is always the best. We make apps for you and then stay there to assist you with all app-related developments if there is room for any. We are there for you, for life.