Flutter App Developement

What is Flutter & How does it work?

On the official Flutter Website, Flutter is defined as the Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile (Android, iOS) desktop (Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia) and the web from a single codebase.

Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform app development toolkit used by developers like Akoode Technology to build apps for multiple platforms. Flutter, being a complete SDK (software development kit) and not just a framework possess a greater advantage as it already contains everything needed to create a User Interface (UI), inclusive of widgets for Material Design and Cupertino. They greatly enhance the ability of developers to render the UI on both Android and iOS easily. The combination of Dart language and C++ core presents Flutter with unparalleled speed and efficiency. This Flutter, indeed, has roused a ripple in the app development industry that is here to stay!

Why do you need flutter?

Every app development company in India would agree that app development can be difficult and time consuming. App developers put in a lot of effort to write code to come up with an app. With the rapid rise in technology, we get new platforms (and their updates) everyday - Android, iOS, Web, Windows, Mac, Linux and even Wear OS. It would have been an extremely daunting task to write codes for all these platforms had it not been for Google’s Flutter.

Some of the Advantages of Flutter that make it a clear winner in the App Development market:

  • ame UI in all platforms – App Development experts know that basically every cross-platform framework provides a medium to share codebase between target platforms. Flutter is a bit different. Apart from providing a way for sharing codebase, it allows sharing both the UI code and the UI itself. This leads to rendering of apps that appear native to every desired platform. In short, Flutter’s rendering process is very different from the crowd, it eliminates any worries about the UI consistency on a myriad of platforms. This saves time and efforts of app development companies without compromising on the performance.
  • Easy on the pockets –. Cost optimization is an essential element for any app development company. Usually, business owners are forced to compromise on the performance of apps when developed natively, as the budget needs to be distributed between Android app development team and iOS app development team. Thanks to Flutter’s features, business owners just need to invest on one team that develops and manages apps for multiple platforms. This greatly saves the time and the monetary investment. Besides, Flutter and Dart language are both open-source and free to use, which means it is easy on the pockets to develop apps using Flutter.
  • Faster Code Development – Typically, app developers need to write code and then comes the perpetual wait for it to load and see the changes. Flutter has revolutionized the way apps are developed by introducing something called ‘Hot Reload’. ‘Hot Reload’ is a feature of Flutter that allows seeing the changes made in the app code almost instantly, without losing the current app stage. This greatly reduces the time required to develop apps
  • Faster Time-to-market – Time is an important commodity for all the business owners. With native app development for Android and iOS, it’s difficult to predict the time taken for apps to be released, or if the apps would be released in unison. This is a cause of worry for business owners. Yet again, Flutter presents it advantage by being a one-stop-solution for development of apps for multiple platforms. This ensures that the Android and iOS apps are developed and released at the same time.

And the best part is, that’s not all! Today, Flutter stands tall as one of the most preferred platforms by app development companies in India, and over the globe, thanks to its wide array of unique features such as – Simple platform, Expressive UI, Native performance, Platform-Specific Logic Implementation, Ability to go beyond mobile and into the Web app development arena and most importantly, high performance.

Is Flutter easy to maintain?

App developers everywhere have one thing in common – a desire to build bug-free apps. But unfortunately, bugs are sure to crop up from time to time. This leads to low customer satisfaction; thus, it is important to understand the frequency and cause of these bugs to provide a better user experience.

This can be effortlessly accomplished by creating a report whenever an error occurs along with the associated stacktrace and sending the said report to error tracking service, such as Sentry, Fabric or Rollbar. These error tracking services compiles and aggregates all the crashes and errors experienced by your users and groups them together. This enables developers to take a better look at the frequency and location of trouble.

Why Akoode for flutter development services?

Now, all this sounds well and good but you must be wondering how to get started with all of this. When in doubt, why not rely on an expert? Reach out to Akoode for your Flutter Development needs. Akoode Technology is a leading Software, Web and App Development company in Gurgaon, India. We are a mobility solutions provider that aims to offer smart solutions for every walk of business.

We were soon to grasp onto the idea that App Development, indeed, is the need of the hour and built a team of qualified and highly experienced app developers that work earnestly to present our clients the best possible product. As a leading Flutter Development company in India, we at Akoode, were quick to understand and make use of the edge that Flutter presented in the App Development industry. And thus, have gained substantial experience and expertise to provide the most reliable apps in record time.

Few reasons why you should choose us -

  • 1. Magnanimous industry experience with national and international clientele. Our services are catered towards both developing and successful business. And thus, our services have benefited our huge client-base from North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.
  • 2. Our team of experts is both efficient and creative. While being thorough with app development process, they will give your app and business the style and brand it needs as leverage.
  • 3. Our pricing is flexible and like Flutter, is easy on the pockets.
  • 4. At Akoode, we believe in forming life-long partnerships with our clients and so our round-the-clock service is always available at your disposal.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today!